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Hello, Dear colleague

My name is Carlos F Molina, an Oil and Gas Mechanical Engineer and owner of APIEXAM.COM. Right now I am working full time as a mechanical inspector for construction projects, besides taking time to write in this website. I graduated with a Mechanical Engineer degree from the Universidad Industrial de Santander. I am an API 653 certified inspector, and I became API 580 certified in February 2, 2015. I have been working in the oil and gas field for eight years now, specially in tank repair and construction.

I have mostly worked in NDE, tank repair and alteration, new construction tanks and pipes and quality system management. I have experience in shielded metal arc welding and coating of metallic substrates. This website is intended to help people pass API certification examinations, so please feel free to ask me any questions.

I havent yet outsourced my email account. I read every email that comes through to me and I get a lot of emails. For this reason I cant always reply right away. Typically I will get back to you within 24 or 48 hours.

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This site is built for all engineers and technicians involved in statical equipment inspection and certification, for them to be completely prepared to answer any questions about Tanks, Pipes or Pressure Vessels. I mean, there are hundreds of sites out there about oil and gas, but none like this, that will help you advance in your career for life. Use APIEXAM for all of your API related searches and activities. Here at apiexam, you will find the best study guides and information about API certifications. Best of luck to you all! Cheers! -Carlos.


  • Founder

    – actualidad (5 años)

    I created this website 5 years ago, but actually, I really started with it 2 years ago. There I explain the API 650 and API 653 standards more in depth. In these 2 years I have been learning the basics of creating a webpage and some CSS and Html programming. I am now beginning to deal with API 580. Come see www.apiexam.com for interesting API material.

  • QAQC Coordinator

    Marine Surveyors Bureau
    (7 meses)

    In charge of QAQC Coordination for maintenance projects and tank Inspections.

  • Mechanical Inspector

    (2 años)

    Leading Mechanical Inspector in welding, testing, surface preparation and coatings application of welded pipes and tanks. Knowledgeable in construction codes and standards and quality control, in the construction of a plant to treat and separate 330KBPD of oil and water in the project “30K” of Ecopetrol. I led quality control in the construction of process and storage tanks amounting to a total of 460000 Barrels in Castilla La Nueva, Meta, for the project “Castilla 3” of Ecopetrol.

  • QAQC API 653 Engineer

    DSD Ingenieria
    (8 meses)

    API 653 and quality control Engineer, in charge of the Quality Management System for the project: “Maintenance of tanks installed in production plants belonging to the Huila- Tolima Operations Presidency of Ecopetrol S.A. located in the towns of Neiva, Aipe, Palermo, Baraya, Villavieja, Yaguara and Ortega”. August 2013 to March 21th 2014. I led all tank repairs.

  • QA/QC Engineer

    (2 años 6 meses)

    API 653 and quality control Engineer in charge of the Quality Management System (procedures and form creation) during the project “Maintenance of tanks at Ecopetrol’s Apiay Station”, for repairs of 5 tanks amounting to 300000Barrels of Oil. November 2011 til August 2013. API 653 and QA-QC Engineer during the project “Maintenance of tanks at Ecopetrol´s Sebastopol Station”. Weld and coating quality control, record keeping, and pipe traceability in Aboveground Oil Storage Tanks. March 2011 to November 2011..

  • QAQC inspector

    Montajes JM
    (6 meses)Colombia

    Penetrant testing in fillet joints, and weld traceability in pipes in Campo Quifa, Campo rubiales, Meta.

  • Coordinador de servicios de calidad

    Dinacol S.A.
    (10 meses)

    DINACOL S.A. from Cartagena, offers services to the naval and metalworking industries. I was the Quality control services coordinator. Due to my quality background, I participated in the successful obtention for Dinacol S.A. of the U and PP ASME BPV stamps for pressure vessel fabrication. I created a manual CMMS for maintenance in Playland Cartagena. I carried out penetrant testing, magnetic testing and tank capacity measurement. One of my obligations was to serve as translator and receive vessel´s crews.

  • Resident engineer

    Camco Ingenieria S.A.
    (1 año)

    Resident engineer in the project “Change of #4 boiler walls at the Termobarranquilla thermoelectric plant”. Night shift supervisor May 22 to July 31, 2008. Director for the project “Travelling water screens Maintenance at the Emgesa Termozipa Thermoelectric plant”. Dec 2008. Resident engineer for the project “Painting of boiler units 1, 2 and 3 of Emgesa Cartagena”. Jan 2009. Resident engineer and quality control (dimensional accuracy and industrial painting) for the project “Clinker transport and storing system for the 12000 tons Silo at Argos Sabanagrande”. Apr 2009. During my time in Camco, I participated in the successful extension of the ISO9001:2008 certificate to CAMCO Ingeniería S.A., to include electric and civil works management, in March 2009

  • Ingeniro de soporte

    (4 meses)

    A cargo de las requisiciones de material para montar cuartos frios y neveras en los almacenes Carrefour (ahora Metro) en Medellín y Montería