General and definitions. #2 in the API 653 questions series.

By Carlos Molina.

We continue discovering questions for your API 653 exam preparation. In the last post I wrote 50 general questions of the whole BOK that will maybe pop-up in the test. This time we have general questions too, but from question 93 and on I will start putting questions in an order according to the standard, beginning with definitions (Section 3).

With these we reach 100 questions and on the way to reach many more. Do you think then that they are too many?

They aren´t too many if you know how to study with them. I repeat, with a free spaced repetition software as supermemo or anki you can upload all of the questions and study with them beginning now and be ready for your exam 2 or 3 months away from now. By the way, there is something I am preparing for you I will talk to you later so you can better study and take tests.

Of course, memorizing all of the questions will not guarantee the correct answers to every exam question – but it will definitely help you. For a list of the (other) things you will be tested on, please visit this page.

These were examples of questions that have appeared in the exam in the past, with information taken from the standards of the body of knowledge

You cand download all questions 51th to 100th from Path #2 here in pdf format. In you have some question, please write it the comment section.

I hope all of this helps when you take the exam! Ánimo!


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      Hi Mustafa.

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