By Carlos Molina

This is the resource page.

There is this manual I created for the people that will present the exam.


653-Fix. The ebook to pass the exam


Here you can find a bolt chart for tanks, courtesy of

Checklist for inspection of in-service tanks. Here

Checklist for inspection of out-of-service tanks. Here

Here is the link for the current BOK

Here are the links to the API 653 Questions series downloadables.

1. Beginning the path: API 653 Questions

2. General and definitions. #2 in the API 653 questions series.

3. In the core of API 653. Path # 3.

4. Damage mechanisms for API 653 inspection. Path #4

5. Corrosion Under Insulation CUI (for exam takers)

6. Microbiollogically Induced Corrosion. Path #6

7. ASME V General questions. Path #7

8. ASME V, Article 23, SE-797. Path #8

9. Soil and caustic corrosion: Damage Mechanisms


Here is one of the videos in the apiexamvideos youtube channel (vacuum testing of the bottom of tanks)


CASTI and CODEWEST give courses on API 510, API 570 and API653

You can find a good summary of API 653 articles in Inspectioneering

As the time goes by I will be posting more resources.
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You can find officcial API 510, API 570 and API 653 information here

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